Southridge Services is a full-service SEC EDGAR filing agency dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of quality, promptness and personalized service at affordable rates. We convert electronic documents into SEC compliant HTML and XBRL formats. Here are some of the services that we offer:

● Conversion of documents into EDGAR ASCII, HTML, or XBRL formats
● Filing of all EDGAR form types
● XBRL Financial Statements Mapping
● XBRL Detail Tagging of Footnotes

Easy Edit Technology

Tired of making countless edits?

Turnaround times, accuracy a concern? No need to worry any longer, nor pay for expensive integrative document management software (DMS) solutions to solve the problem.

With our new innovative Easy Edit Technology, you can be sure that your changes are retained exactly as you made them, speeding up the processing time from hours to minutes.

To expedite processing, please send your documents in any of the following electronic formats:

● Microsoft Word (preferred)

● Microsoft Excel (preferred)

● Rich Text Format (preferred)

●Note or Text Pad (ASCII Filings Only)



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